Our Story

Touchstone Is

From the very beginning, Touchstone has followed a different path. We stand on principles and thrive on transparency. It’s a forward looking business opportunity where quality is measured and substance rules.

You’ll see it in our uncompromising approach to whole food goodness. In how we capture and preserve the essence of earth’s gifts and complete nutrition that only comes from fresh, organic whole foods.

It’s in our commitment to sharing abundance with a rewarding compensation plan, which we’ve made generous and ripe with opportunities for personal growth and happiness.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, quality, know-how and openness. On doing the right thing. On keeping our word. On making you proud to partner with us.

This is Touchstone. Where real food goodness offers real improvements in body, mind and personal well-being. And where membership offers the chance to be part of a dynamic and exciting movement of men and women committed to excellence and success.

What is a Touchstone?

TouchstoneOriginating in ancient Greece, a touchstone is a small tablet of stone whose mark accurately measures the purity of precious metals. For us, it’s the standard our experienced, success-driven team lives by—authentic, pure, whole food goodness.

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